Go Green

At KING DMC we understand the importance of having a part in creating a more sustainable future for the Earth

What we do:


• Supporting our clients in their overall approach towards sustainability and leaving a legacy

• Going paperless

• Saving food quantities and the re-use of food

• Being more efficient in the use of materials and recycling

• Optimizing means for transportation during events

• Reducing gas emissions by encouraging electric cars, bikes and walking tours

• Respecting parking rules out of the city center

• Improving the understanding of general health issues through sponsored sports projects

• Promoting tasting activities in small farms and visits to local handcraft laboratories

Reducing gas emission
Going paperless

Make your event good twice and socially responsible, sign up to “Food for good”


Food for Good is the project of recovery of surplus food from event catering services promoted by Federcongressi & Eventi, in partnership with non‐profit organisations Banco Alimentare and Equoevento.

The project is simple, does not require a great effort or costs, and complies with Italy’s Good Samaritan law (Law 155/2003).

The association collects the surplus food at the end of the lunch or dinner and deliver it immediately to organizations and associations that help people in need.

King DMC is taking part in the FOOD FOR GOOD project promoted by Federcongressi & Eventi and will consider it in its future events.

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