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If you are not a high-tech person, you are OUT!
Everything is digital today, from online wedding invitations, to customized honeymoon gift list, to the wedding website that will soon become storage of all your feelings, while also containing all the useful information before, during and after the celebration.

Yes, wedding 2.0 today evolves online and on social media!

Sharing the online shop website where guests can directly buy items from the wedding gift list, or sharing GPS information on church and venues’ location, or uploading pictures online and on social media are all must for today’s wedding couples.
The first step is to create your personal hashtag and you will immediately have your personal webpage, completely dedicated to your big day, thanks to your friends’ snapshots that will surprise you and get you emotional.

We’ll be there to support you in this, taking on the role of personal social wedding concierge:
besides helping you with your wedding dress and party favors’ choice, we will also take care of sharing your wedding day online in real time, as a proper digital reporter.
We’ll take care of editing pictures and we’ll organize a photo contest to award the most original photos and best outfits. We’ll post your instagram stories and we’ll also share posts and comments throughout the day, reporting live the most special moments such as the walking down the church aisle or the tossing of the bouquet.
All this is only for your own yes!