Chic-Nic, the luxury of simplicity

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Chic-Nic, the luxury of simplicity

What was once considered a trip out of town, now becomes the perfect synthesis between nature and excellence, a feast for the eyes and the palate. So the picnic turns, in an instant, into a “chic-nic”.

Breathtaking views, nature, farm-to-table delicacies. But also show cooking and luxury catering tailor-made for every need and situation.
Whether it’s an activity scheduled during an incentive trip, a day spent with friends, a wedding, a private party, a romantic appointment or the little break between a hole and the other of a path between the golf courses, the “keywords” are always relax and taste.
The possibilities are almost endless: a road trip with vintage cars, followed by the chic-nic in a city park or in one of the Renaissance villas that are located outside the city, on top of green hills, among the vineyards, or immersed in parks and artistic gardens, including archaeological finds and immortal masterpieces. Bucolic atmospheres, relaxation between precious vintage, shabby chic and country settings, live music and the classic wicker basket and blanket to lay on the lawn: an irresistible mix of freedom, food and wine tradition and the beauty of the Italian landscape. The environment is therefore the protagonist, all strictly eco and bio sustainable.

We think of everything, you just have to decide where to lie down and start relaxing.