How to enjoy spring in the big city!

Where do Romans go when it’s spring to enjoy nature? Let’s find out!


In big cities it may seem hard to find green corners where to enjoy the contact with nature. But do you know that Rome is the greenest capital in Europe? This is thanks to the popes. Many of the parks in Rome were born as country estates of noble Roman families who had popes and cardinals among their members. Thanks to this, Rome has no equals in the world, not only for its historical beauties but also for the extension and variety of the greenery which is 67% of the municipal territory.

So during the following weekends we will witness the romans heading out to the most beautiful parks of the city, to have a stroll, to jog, to play with their kids or to enjoy picnics and snacks with friends.

Here’s our selection of the best parks in Rome!


Villa Doria Pamphilij

This is one of the biggest parks in Rome. There are 4 entrances and many landmarks to hit on when visiting it: creeks, ponds, fountains, and the beautiful construction of the 1600 with its secret garden. Here romans come to have long walks, to jog or even to go cycle. There is a kids area and an open air gym. But most of all there are beautiful views and paths to explore, sometimes even wild, and all the history behind this park makes it even more fascinating. It’s definitely a favorite among locals!


Villa Borghese

This is maybe the most tourist one, as it’s right in the center part of town, very close to some of the most important monuments. Here, starting from the Pincio terrace with its beautiful view on the city, one can head to the Esculapio temple and its romantic little lake. Here couples or friends often rent boats to navigate the lake and have some fun. Or it’s possible to rent rickshaw and move around the park to find the perfect spot to chill and enjoy nature.


Via Appia Antica

The long road that connected Rome to the south of Italy is now a go-to romantic locations for long walks, hand in hand with a lover and with the roman history. This beautiful road, characterized by the typical large stones pavement, gives the chance to enjoy nature, history and beauty all at once. The sunset lights coming through the trees and the old stones reflects on the pavement, and the roman ruins give the impressions to travel back in time.


Parco degli Acquedotti

The monumental arches you may see around the city are the aqueducts. They are mostly found in the park of the aqueducts, a huge park with different groups of arches, all of them surrounded by beautiful nature. The aqueducts are indeed a special view for a simple park, they provide interesting shadows and lights, as well as a glimpse of the past. Romans find it spectacular and often chose this park for their Sunday walks or to spend the vacation days in the month of April and May.


When traveling to Italy, don’t settle for average. Look around the corner and find unexpected paths. Follow us!


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