Tastiness is just around the corner: Italian street food!

What to eat while visiting: the world of Italian street food

One doesn’t necessarily have to sit down at a restaurant when they’re traveling and visiting Italian cities. There are many options when it comes to food and snacks along the street, that also meet the need of tasting typical products and recipes. These are only few of the street food you have to look for when visiting certain parts of Italy! Have a bite!

Supplì al telefono

One doesn’t necessarily have to sit down at a restaurant when they’re traveling and visiting Italian cities. “Supplì at the phone” – what does it mean? In Rome the supplì is an institution, present in the menu of every Roman restaurant and in bars. An oval fried pastry made of rice and cheese that invites you to tear it apart and witness the most important proof: the cheese must be stringy and connect the two parts of the supplì like a phone cable. Hence the fun name of this tasty snack and appetizer that Romans love.

Panzerotto pugliese

Imagine a classic margherita pizza condensed in one single fried bun. This is a panzerotto, a pastry filled with tomato (or baked ham) and mozzarella, that becomes a bundle of fried joy, in the shape of a half moon. A perfect lunch snack to eat while walking along the seaside of the Puglia region, born from the poor baking traditions but that never got old.

Piadina romagnola

Emilia – Romagna is home to so many famous typical Italian products: from the “Bolognese sauce” (=ragù), to the parmisan, to the tortellini. When it comes to street food, the piadina is the highlight. A thin kind of bread made with lard, salt, flour and water, eaten then with anything one enjoys, hams, cheese or sauces. The name “piada” and “piadina” was already found in middle age documents, confirming its importance and vital nature in the Romagna region


Food is not just food, it’s a way to learn about a destination and discover traditions, cultures and how locals live. And street food is the perfect example of this aspect of traveling. Start planning your trip!

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