It’s historical reenactments season!

Time to give a closer look to some great summer events happening these days and in the next weeks.


We covered some of them before the season started. But summer has always been a time for celebration and it’s difficult to keep track of all the great events taking place all over Italy.

It’s exciting, it’s tradition, it’s the Italian summer.

Some of the best historical reenactments and celebration are happening now: the love and passion for traditions are strong and keep Italians, locals and tourists engaged in surprising and historically accurate shows. Let’s dive in!

Palio di Siena

The world-wide famous palio is not just a reenactment. That would be almost reductive: it’s a traditional game that started in 1633 and never stopped. Each year the 17 districts of Siena are challenged in horse races, one in July and one in August. Almost nothing changed throughout the years: the colors of the coats of each contrada, the possibilities of alliances between them and the many rivalries that therefore arose. Siena gets ready for this big event during the whole year, the jockeys need to get prepared and become very popular when they win. A truly amazing event to witness once in a lifetime.


Celtics in Valle D’Aosta

Italy has always been a crossroads for many folks who passed by, and certain regions are till this day a melting pot of cultures. These different cultures impacted on Italy’s architecture, food, culture in so many ways. It’s the case of the Celtics, who traveled across Europe arriving to the mountains of the North of Italy. That is why in the last 30 years, the people from the Valle D’Aosta region decided to celebrate the celtic culture with a themed festival happening in June and July. In Val Veny, in the Peuterey woods with games, dances, an artisan market, conferences, workshops and concerts, dance stages, music courses, stories around the fire. A magical event among the trees of an ancient forest or the walls of an ancient fort.


A war in Viterbo

By the end of the month, the town of Viterbo (near Rome) will replicate the intense days that happened back in 1243, when the town was besieged by the troops of Federico II, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The atmosphere of this reenactment is definitely playful, and it’s accompanied by festivities, street artists and banquets all around town. Viterbo and its medieval streets are the most beautiful theatre for this kind of historical event!


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