Goodbye August, hello harvest month!

September is the month of wine


August sipped away like a bottle of wine” but it sure doesn’t if you are in Italy and heading to the season of vendemmia. The harvest season in Italy has always had an historical value, even now that machines got into the game. It used to be a moment for families to share an important activity, during the whole month of September. The pleasure of stepping on the grapes barefoot, and then tasting the mosto of the grapes collected, before leaving it in the barrels where it becomes the glorious beverage we all know as wine. These kinds of acts of love and engagement in such a significant task still fuel the Italian culture.

And this is what we celebrate and enjoy in the month of September. Decide your wine destination and plan your trip to the best wineries!

North of Italy

Some of the best red wines can be found here. The Langhe, in the region of Piedmont, are wild hills. The name comes from the word “lingue” (=tongues) because they look like the land’s tongues, lengthened and steep. Their position, not too far both from the sea and the mountains, creates special microclimates that allow to generate an incredible variety of wines. The most famous is definitely the strong ruby red Barolo.
For the white lovers, one could move East to the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The famous Prosecco is made here. The white wines from these regions are famous for their strong taste and their color, an intense yellow. Some examples? The Ribolla Gialla from Friuli and the Lugana from Veneto.


Center of Italy

When one thinks of Italian wine probably immediately pictures the lines of cypress on the gentle hills of Tuscany, small towns collected in its valleys, a warm embrace of nature and vineyards. This region is indeed the most famous for its production of celebrated wines such as the reds Chianti and Montepulciano, and one can’t go wrong with those.
For a different touch, a more hidden path, the white wines of center Italy can be found in Umbria or Lazio. Either sweet as an Umbrian fruity Chardonnay or a Trebbiano from Lazio. For a more fragrant aroma, the Malvasia from Lazio has a different kind of sweetness, more honey-oriented, so much that is called “nectar of the Gods”.


South of Italy

Let’s navigate to the islands! The volcanic island of Sicily gifted us with great vineyards that are getting more famous through the years. Sicily is mostly known for its liquorish wines like Passito di Pantelleria or the Zibibbo. Talking about reds, one must picture the incandescent lava from the volcano Etna to imagine the taste of the Red Etna, a sturdy and warm ruby red wine.
With the funny name of Grillo (=cricket), this white wine is bright and light yellow, and as it’s produced in the land of citrus, it has scents of these fruits. It’s fresh, perfect for the hot weather of the island, and sapid thanks to the minerals.


Do you want to know the best wineries to visit in each region? Ask us!

Start planning your trip!


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