“How many times do you think of the Roman Empire?”

Deeds and misdeeds of the crazy Romans!


Passionate about stories and people, we always make sure to propose visits & activities that speak to us as a tale, that involves us in a more deeper level, and make us live a destination in all its beautiful facets. And to learn more about the Italians who were big part of these places.

When in Rome, we think about it all the time! We especially love the stories and tells of the main characters of the Roman history, the ones who shaped the city and whose legacy is still alive and bright to this day.

It may be gossip, but this is also the testament of what was life back in those times. How different but also how similar it used to be compared to now.

Cleopatra and Marco Antonio

“The greatest loves of all time are over now”. The real-life Romeo and Juliet kind of story, was the one of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra. After the death of Caesar, Marco Antonio became governor of the Eastern lands of the empire. Marco Antonio was married at the time, but he fell in love with the mysterious Cleopatra so he got divorced. His love story with her slowly made him distance himself with Rome and its business. Especially after they had two twins. The emperor-to-be Octiavian won against Marco Antonio’s troops and eventually arrived in Alessandria, where he was staying. Cleopatra spread the rumor that she was dead. When Marco Antonio got the news by mistake, he killed himself. Cleopatra got to see him just in time and then killed herself out of love and pride. A love story for the ages!


Was Julius Caesar bisexual?

It’s no mistery that back in the days sexuality wasn’t a taboo and it was very fluid. More than the distinction between straight and gay, what was considered important was the active or passive role in the couple. So, in order to discredit him, Julius’ enemies used to spread the rumor that he “lost his youth’s flower” to Nicomedes IV, and older man, governor of the Gallium territories (allies of the Roman Empire). Later, the writer Catullio wrote that Caesar and his engineer Mamurra were lovers. Other rumors were spread and then denied. Caesar always wanted to mantain the image of a strong captain so we will never know the truth!


The murder of emperor Claudio

The emperor Claudio, at his 4th marriage, married Agrippina, her niece (daughter of his brother). She was very ambitious, and after 3 marriages, she finally managed to marry an emperor. Her determination got her to challenge social norms and to get places where women were never seen and accepted. She wanted more and that meant that her first son, who was only 17, had to become emperor, so that she could rule in his place. As a “good” wife, she knew the weakest spots of her husband. Claudio loved to eat and to have great meals. So she chose the most venomous shrooms and presented them to Claudio for dinner, he enjoyed them without a blink and immediately died afterwards.


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