We are happy to present some events that will take place soon in Italy:
today we are talking about the Human Chess Game of Marostica, whose origin dates back to 1454.

The magnificent Chess Square holds and let re-experience the story of the beautiful daughter of
the Lord of Marostica and of the two noblemen Rinaldo d'Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara, that
challenge the hand of Lionora.
It happened that the two noblemen, Rinaldo d'Angarano e Vieri da Vallonara, fell in love with the
beautiful Lionora, daughter of Taddeo Parisio, who was the Lord of Marostica. As was the custom
in that time, they challenged each other to a cruel duel to get the hand of Lionora. To avoid
becoming enemy or losing them in a duel, the Lord decided that the two rivals should have played
a Chess Game: Lionora would take the winner as her husband and the looser would in any case
join his family, marrying Oldrada, the younger sister.
The match should have taken place on the
square in front of the Lower Castle on a feast-day with armed living person carrying the noble
ensigns of Whites and Blacks.
And so it happened.
This event is repeated today just like the first time, with more than 550 performers, every second
weekend of September of the even years.
The first show is on Friday 7th September at 21:00 and it's performed also on Saturday 8th at
21:00 and on Sunday at 17:00 and 21:00. Approximately 3600 spectators can attend each
performance, taking place on numbered comfortable seats.

A very impressive show in a unique setting: do not miss it!