Ara pacis


ROME REVEALS ITSELF: choose your next visit or venue for your next event
Did you know that there are over 200 museums in Rome?
A real paradise for all art lovers!

The museum or exhibition area serves different approaches and is a way of bringing people closer to art
that we really appreciate and that we always include in our programs, even when there isn’t much time left
for sightseeing in today’s busy schedule!
We organize guided tours because we believe that an expert and passionate guide makes the difference
and is able to capture the attention of the ones that are less interested, who often turn out to be very
curious and end up being the most involved!
Our museums are also excellent venues: it is possible to organize exclusive visits followed by aperitifs, or
informal parties, or gala dinners for all types of events.
This takes place in an unusual and such exclusive setting!
There are also many options to suit your needs.
Where possible, we like to combine the choice of the museum with client's characteristics, and surprise
guests with an activity that has more than one reference to their reason for visiting the Eternal City.
Music, professional lights and sounds setup, and artistic performances complete our offer.
Did we get your attention?

Autumn is expected to be a very interesting season in Roman museums, see you soon with all the news.
We will keep you posted!