Holiday season in Italy

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Holiday season in Italy

Let the holiday season begin!

Every country has its own special traditions in terms of Christmas celebration. In Italy, every region, every little town, carry on its own religious rituals. Such as singing songs by the church, religious processions through the historical road of the town, or eating special holiday treats like Panettone or Pandoro. In many towns there are recreation of the nativity in different ways: with real live people (like in Florence) or made of sand (like in Rome). It’s common to find special markets of local products, like in Perugia, especially of oil, since December is the time for the pressing.

Italy’s holidays start very early: December 8th is national holiday to celebrate the Immaculate conception, therefore offices are closed. It would be wonderful to find yourself in Rome, at the bottom of the Spanish stairs, where the Pope holds a special masses in this perfect place decorated with flowers for the occasion.

And the holidays last til December 26th, Saint Stephen day: a day to walk around the town and visit local churches and their nativity, or even check out nativities exhibitions (or competitions, sometimes). It’s also time to make donations and to celebrate the real spirit of Christmas.

But it’s not over: January 6th celebrates the arrival of the three kings and thei gifts. In Italy’s traditions, in this day, little kids hope they’ve been good so they won’t get carbon from the “Befana”, a witch that on the night of January 6th goes around giving away either gifts or carbon. Officially the last day of the holiday season, the towns shine for one last time with special events and illuminations.

The holiday season is definitely something special and genuine to experience in Italy! Did you take a look to our religious tours options? Come visit the most incredible historical sites in this special and holy time of the year!


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