Our 2019 resolutions

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2019 nye

Our 2019 resolutions

Happy New Year from King DMC!

In particularly, we want to wish you an inspiring 2019:
new projects to work on that will make you happy to go to work, and new partners with whom find better solutions and fresh ideas.

We wish you enough time to do all the things are there to do, to plan in time your events and trips.

We wish you will find companions in your coworkers.

We wish for companies to grow greener to help save this planet: without paper and food waste.
And for them to grow smarter, by using technology to make work easier and to organize greater events.


We couldn’t be more lucky to work in the tourism & MICE environment:
every day is a challenge and we get to travel, see new places and be part of the greatest events organized for our clients.

Here’s to the new year, for it to be meaningful and motivating!


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