This is the year to visit Milan

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Duomo di Milano

This is the year to visit Milan

Why? You may ask. 2019 will be an inspiring year for this city as it occurs the 500th year from Leonardo Da Vinci’s death, one of the greatest minds in history.

In this occasion, the city of Milan will launch a series of special exhibitions in different venues of the city: from the Sforza Castle to the Royal Palace, as well as in different parts of the city. Interactive apps and installations will guide the spectator through the creative mind of Leonardo, through his passion for science, nature and technology, and through the huge study that lead to the creation of the Cenaculum.


Leonardo’s genius is deeply rooted in the city of Milan: he lived there for 17 years, and not only there are permanent museums about his works, and temporary exhibitions in the following months, but his work is present in some of the most important monuments of the city.


The Leonardo Da Vinci’s exhibitions will take place throughout the entire year, from May 2019 till January 2020: you only need to organize your trip and follow the steps of Leonardo!

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