A hidden treasure in Florence

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Cappella Rucellai in Florence

A hidden treasure in Florence


Chapel Rucellai is a hidden treasure in the city of Florence. Often forgotten among the classic tours of the city, this little building holds a lot of stories.


This chapel is connected to the ex-church of San Pancrazio, that is now deconsecrated and renewed as a museum. It’s weird to look at this place and at its majestic entrance, with two lions at the sides of the door, and know that inside all was modernized, and is now decorated with a minimalist style. This new design was made to host the sculptures of Marino Marini, an artist who lived in the XX century and who’s work belongs to the modernism movement.


On the other hand, the chapel is the only consecrated area of the whole building. Inside, under commission of the Rucellai family, Leon Battista Alberti constructed a little temple, very similar to the one in the cathedral of Jerusalem. An inscription mentioning Jesus’s resurrection mark this as a real intention of resembling that sacred place. The architecture of this temple is pure classic and treasures the remains of the head of the family Rucellai, Giovanni, and inscriptions of the emblem of his family, as well as of others famous families of that time, like De Medici.


This is one of the last works of Leon Battista Alberti, who can praise many endeavours in Florence, and this complex of buildings is quite special and not to be missed during a visit in Firenze.


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