The Green Year

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The Green Year

Tips and tricks for a eco-style traveling


In 2019 one of the most important aspects to consider when organizing a trip, whether it is a business trip or not, will be the one of eco-sustainability. More and more travellers will decide to inform themselves and take action to preserve, as far as possible, the planet, but also just the destination that they visit. People try to get more and more blend with the local, making more use of local resources, local products and services, by not renting a car and using public transport. Even only these choices help to reduce the environmental impact.


There are also different options that hotels can adopt to be more “green”, and that travellers can request when they have to choose a hotel: if they use renewable or low energy, if they allow the option not to have clean sheets and towels every day, if they use zero-kilometer products in their kitchens. Just as there are precautions that the individual traveller can implement, like disconnecting the appliances before going out, and not overusing  air conditioning or heating.


As a DMC, it is our task to suggest to the companies “green” solutions, starting from the destinations, by choosing less touristic itineraries, but no less beautiful, organizing events that reduce food waste, and maximizing the movements of the guests.


We are thus responsible for respecting and enforcing corporate values ​​that today should be implemented in the modus operandi of any company.