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Whenever it comes to experience an outdoor activity or trip, some of the things that come to mind are: discomfort, bugs, hassle. But what if it was possible to bring the greatness of a nature experience, the Eco sustainability of this kind of trips, the beauty and the peace of nature, and combining it with comfort, glam and luxury?


This is the origin of “glamping”: glamping is when camping becomes glam, allowing to live into the wild without necessarily give up on relax and coziness. A glamping experience meets the needs of escaping reality and the city life, and the will of pursuing a eco-friendly and green lifestyle even when traveling. Glamping camps often have the goal to create a space where nature and the human’s hand can coexist without one covering the other, but instead they blend into unique places. The tents become quite big, sometimes with a transparent ceiling, to see the stars. Furniture is classy and refined, but still made of eco materials. Often relaying on local products, these glamping hotels make a statement about the green way to provide services and luxury.


Experience a glamping trip means to try something out of the ordinary and magical: nothing more than living inside a tent makes one to feel life and nature with every sense, even at night. Is therefore something that could lead people to bond by relaxing and taking pleasure in nature together, to either enjoy an incentive trip, or a fun team building. And who wouldn’t attend a business meeting under the shade of Italian vineyards to then rest in a beautiful luxurious tent hidden in the Tuscan hills?


Italy has the perfect venues for a glamping experiences and many are the hotels that provide it: near the lake, near the sea, at the feet of the mountains, close to a farmhouse. Any kind of nature experience is possible here! With the added value of Italian glam furniture and architecture, and local food during the stay.

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