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The ultimate movie set

The “undiscovered South of Italy” is once again theatre of one more great event.


The “undiscovered South of Italy” is once again theatre of one more great event. Not only the town of Matera, in Basilicata, was crowned “2019 European City of Culture”, but it will also be the set for the upcoming 007 movie, the 25th of the serie, with Daniel Craig. The 007 Italian shooting won’t stop there: it will also move to Puglia, in particular to the little town of Gravina in Puglia, only 27km away from the famous “sassi” di Matera. The raw and untouched beauty of this places will make a great scenario for an action movie


The sassi of Matera architecturally present an incredible series of elements that have been stratified over time, from the rock complexes excavated by man, to the rock churches, burial areas, which continually alternate with buildings of all the different ages of the last millennium. Caves, palaces, churches, neighbourhoods, stairways, balconies and gardens all set in each other to form a unique and magical place.


Gravina in Puglia is been chosen thanks to its history that finds it being one of the most important stations of the famous “via Appia”, a long roman road that connected Rome to Brindisi, one of the biggest cities in Puglia.
The spectacular railway, framed by the valley and the old Italian houses, will make you wonder how it is not among the most famous destinations in Italy.


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