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Genova, Italy

Discover the up Mediterranean coast – Liguria

One of the smallest region in Italy, and yet one of the most beautiful and impressive ones.


Liguria’s coast on the Up Mediterranean sea, treasures both naturalistic and cultural beauties. Its high coastline and the wild woods, that covers more than the 60% of the whole land, make Liguria a peculiar territory to explore and to live in: the inhabitants’ ancestor found creative ways to build their towns, creating beautiful and incredible landscapes.


Liguria’s structure suggests to discover this land by going along with nature, and by following its rules. Trekking routes in the natural parks, biking routes, or even better, by sailing along the coast: many are the activities provided by the local guides, fun experiences to live this little region at its fullest and to enjoy what it has to offer. Many are the activities provided by the local guides, fun experiences to live this region at its fullest.


Historical sites from prehistory, from the Roman age following in the footsteps of the Luni colony, and from the Middle age, such as little “borghi” and castles, are spread all around the region, making it easy to create wonderful routes and itineraries to enjoy while discovering the North of Italy.


But one must not forget to pay a visit to Genova, the main city of Liguria. It has been one of the most important harbour in Italy and still is one of the main ones for cruises and commercial trades. The sea is an essential part of this town, the harbour is the living core of the city. The little streets of Genova are like vital veins, never empty, teeming with people: the facades are so close to each other and the streets are so narrow that is hard to see the sun. Genova’s beauty lies in its contradictions, a sea city, open to the world, but compressed in a tight hug of old palaces of the XVI century.  Genova has the biggest historic centre in Europe and the squares, the historical buildings are around every corner.


This is what you get by traveling in Italy and by finding, with us, the authenticity and the Italianity.

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