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Team building for King DMC

King DMC is training

A functioning team works better for its clients


Working in the touristic field can be stressful and pressing. It’s both a team work and a solo responsibility, and it’s difficult sometimes to find the right balance. It’s a job that requires an experienced problem-solving attitude, resilience and flexibility.


As much as everyone works on their own duties, it is fundamental to have cohesion and drive for a common goal on the part of everyone. It is important to be able to organize the working day by balancing personal chores with helping the colleagues when they need it.


Recently the King DMC team decided to take an afternoon off in order to learn more about themselves as individuals and as part of a team.


Learning about our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses in our job positions, opened our eyes on what we can improve in ourselves and how we can function better as a team. We laughed, we cried, we played together and we opened up.


And it was just matter of time when we had our chance to prove ourselves in a moment of crisis, making us realize how important it is to communicate and how we’ve been learning from past mistakes. And this made it feel like an even greater success.


A functioning team works better for its clients. Contact us