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Venice fireworks


Venezia treasures many traditions throughout the whole year, but nothing comes close to the spectacularity of the feasts during the summer.


First, the Redeemer, in July. It’s the chance for Venetians to live and enjoy the lagoon in an unusual way! And to experience an amazing fireworks show, that is even more special considering the setting: the beautiful city of Venice surrounded by water, which creates a special reflection effect.


It’s tradition for the citizens to spend time together with the family and to have picnics on the lagoon: for two days wood rafts are arranged on the water, from the harbour of Venice till the little island of Giudecca, to connect the city with the Christ Redeemer cathedral, symbol of this festivity. It is literally a temporary bridge of boats that allows people to walk in the lagoon and see the city from a different point of view.


Canals in Venice and the lagoon also make a perfect competition field, both for who is racing and for who wants to enjoy the show. The “Regata Storica” (historical regatta) takes place during the first Sunday in September and sees a competition between different types of boats. The citizens can enjoy the game from the streets or from other boats in the Canal Grande, allowing them to experience such show from a privileged point of view, the same one of the racers.


Built entirely on water thanks to petrified wood poles that support it, Venice has been fighting for centuries against the power of water and more recently against climate change:

always choose a responsible way of traveling that reduces the impact on nature and preserves the beauty of the world for future generations!