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Yoga class at King DMC

Yoga at King DMC

King DMC is practicing well-being and mindfulness 


It’s been some months already that co-workers here at King DMC started attending a free yoga class during the lunch break. The teacher, Mariagrazia, works for King Holidays, the tour operator division, and studied to become a yoga teacher.


Many are the benefits of this activity, especially when happening in a work environment. First thing first, stretching, breathing deeply, relaxing and feeling your body. In short, feeling the benefits of stretching out and lengthening all of the areas of our body that get constricted by sitting at a desk most of the day doing computer work. Opening the chest, lifting our legs, stretch our neck and most importantly breathing deeply and relax in between exercises.


These are things to improve our physical and mental well-being, in order to face the working day with a better attitude. It is proved that yoga reduces stress and increase focus and therefore improve our mood, creating an immediate spiral of positivity that results in a better work performance.


Last but not least, it’s an opportunity to spend some different quality-time with the colleagues by having fun together while taking care of yourself and each other. It is not common to attend yoga classes where you are friend or acquaintances both with the teacher and the other classmates. This creates a good and relaxed environment, fun and trusty, allowing even people who never considered to approach yoga.


In conclusion, we couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity and we are enjoying all the benefits of it!