An incredible Italian-based set soon to be seen on tv!

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Eremo in Abruzzo

An incredible Italian-based set soon to be seen on tv!

«It’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…»


One thing that is never missing in Italy is churches. In every city or town, from the smallest ones to the important ones, churches are always the main attractions and they tell the story of this country through every century and art period.

But one this is to travel and visit churches, and another one is to look for hermitages. Hermitages are hidden places where religious people used to live in peace and far away from the world, to practice religion in seclusion and privacy. Up in the mountains, sometimes on steep rocks, in the wild nature, these hermitages are astonishing and beautiful. The harder they are to reach, the more breath-taking they  are, gifting the travellers with beautiful views on valleys.

Hermitages are special place where immediately one can feel  the holiness and the peace people came there to look for. Abruzzo is a region in the center part of Italy and treasures some of the most beautiful hermitages in Italy. One was chosen by Paolo Sorrentino for shooting his newest project, the second season of the famous serie “The Young Pope”, “The New Pope”, with Jude Law and John Malkovich.

“The hermitage of Santo Spirito is one of the most important places of worship in the Majella. The building dates back to before the year one thousand and here important religious figures such as Pope Victor III lived in 1053. But it was Pietro da Morrone who, in the mid-13th century, rediscovered the ascetic place by renovating the building and settling here with some hermits. Inside it is still visitable the “Scala Santa” which leads to two rocky balconies where, in all probability, the monks remained in prayer. Under the church you can then visit the cave where the first hermits lived and on which the monastery was built”. source