The year of the touristic train

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Trenino del Bernina

The year of the touristic train

What’s the best way to visit Italy this year?

Since last year, we started learning and talking about overtourism and how it affects our country. Some of the major Italian cities really suffer for the amount of people visiting every day and called for a real emergency: big groups of people would clog the main monuments of these cities and therefore the whole historic center, giving an hard time for everyone to actually enjoy the destination. A large number of people also means a lot of more traffic and demand for flights.


Therefore last year the touristic board enhanced the idea of “slow tourism”. Walking, or biking, or even horse riding: these are only some of the best ways to explore a place like Italy, as they allow to keep contact with nature and the beautiful surroundings, both respecting the environment and experiencing the slow-kind Italian lifestyle.


2020 goes into details, and it is designated to be the year of the “touristic train”. “This modality allows the traveller to travel our country in a sustainable way and along the historic sections of the railways, admiring magnificent landscapes and touching places of poignant beauty. There are 800 kilometres of disused and abandoned railway sections that cross national parks, protected areas and territories full of history and culture.”


The idea of using old railroads and vintage trains is not new, and it will make for a great experience even for Italians themselves. The best way to travel Italy is definitely by train, as it gives the chance to reach in a fast way not only the big cities, but also those small minor art cities that treasures some of the best art and architecture of the Italian heritage. While enjoying beautiful panoramas from the wagon’s windows.


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