Camogli, the city of Love

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Camogli, Liguria

Camogli, the city of Love

Italy is, by common consent, one of the most romantic places in the world.

Cities like Rome and Venice, towns like Capri or the Cinque terre coastline, are a dream destination for couples from all over the world. But love and romanticism don’t get along with masses of turists and confusion.

Not many people know about Camogli, in Liguria, as the perfect place to celebrate your love.


This beautiful town stands right on the northern sea of Liguria. Typical of Camogli are the pastel colored facades of the houses, with drawings of flowers and other architecture elements. The old harbour with the characteristic
wood boats recalls the seafaring hitory of this town, the small streets in shingles will bring you to the most incredible panoramic views within the historic center, and the Camogli walk  is the perfect route for a small trekking activity.


Every year, during Valentine’s Day week, Camogli dresses up with love-inspired decorations. The walls will be covered in love poems and a photographic gallery, the little streets will shine with small lights decoration. The harbour will host the “net of the lovers“, where couple can leave a symbol of their love. But the main love appointment is at dinner: every restaurant will give couples a special dish for the occasion. The dish will represent something in particular depending on the theme chosen every year: this year’s edition is signed by Guido Silvestri, aka Silver, and portrays Lupo Alberto and the hen Marta, his girlfriend (two Italian comic characters), in the opera “two hearts, a chicken coop”.


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