Suspended life, suspended tourism

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sky between buildings

Suspended life, suspended tourism

Our most recent challenge. An endless chance.

This is a difficult time. We know it and we have been told it in every possible way.

Sadly it is.

We have to keep to the rules and so does our freedom.


I’ve thought about it a lot. I feel terribly and deeply respect those who are sick and have lost their family or friends. 

This won’t change.


But I have decided to give this strange dimension a new dignity: the one of possibility.

I won’t keep staying at home complaining about what I can’t do or what I’m missing.

I will make it a chance.


I want to know, I want to learn, I want to travel with my thoughts and pictures coming up to my mind.

On  my side I have a precious ally: time. I do not have to run after time.

My day is made of virtual appointments with the arts, visits to artistic treasures, in Italy and in the world out there, of thematic insights, working hands, clumsy attempts to do artisanal works at home, minor repairs, readings and exchanges with other people, languages to learn or improve, of films to see and chats with distant friends, who now seem to be closer.


I’m lucky, it’s true. I’m in a position that allows this.

But I believe that life must always be given a chance!

Keep following us, I would like to tell you more about a couple of those things.

Stay tuned,






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