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empty streets in rome

Gaia’s point of view

The name “Gaia” comes from the greek, and it was the name of Earth Goddess. Gaia is my name, and maybe this is why I care for my precious homonym planet!

Since the start of this difficult and strange period of isolation, one of the things that would cheer me up, while browsing on social media, was the idea of nature finally breathing.


It‘s incredible to see how fast the air pollution is diminished in this relatively short time, how the water in Venice’s canals is now crystal-clear, or how dolphins are back near the coasts, swimming in the harbor of Bari, in Apulia.


I remain speechless and amazed when I see pictures and videos of the empty cities: it is both very odd and sad not to see life in old streets of Rome, but it’s also refreshing.


I hope that what we are feeling now, will turn into a special and more careful respect for the places and the cities we live in and travel to. To see how things are changing without us has the mean to show us the impact humans have on the environment. And we need to be now very much aware of that, because it’s in front of our eyes.


When this pause from traveling, and moving anywhere but the hallway of our homes, will be over, we need to reconsider our whole lifestyle. And I believe this break from traveling will be a great starting point for the future of the tourism & event system. We will be asking no more for “the impossible”, but for the proper, the feasible, the beautiful, in respect of the resources available.


We at King DMC can’t wait to go back to work and to travel again, and now more than ever this opened our eyes about wanting to pursue a more green and sustainable way of working and to spread this concept as much as we can.


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