The bells of Agnone

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Bell of Agnone

The bells of Agnone

Din Don Dan Din Don Dan Din Don Dan Din Don Dan

The bells are singing in happiness!


Once upon a time.. this story of the bells of Agnone really takes you back 1.000 years ago to a little village called Agnone. About 3hrs by car from Rome, between hills, countryside and surrounded by quiet landscape, life goes easy still nowadays. The rhythms are slow, you can feel the quiet of the nature and fresh good air of the hills. The only noise that you can hear around are the bells ready to be tuned!

For the past 1000 years, from father to sun, the phases leading up to the birth of Bell requires a careful and patient work but mainly experience and passion.

Each day in Agnone a new bell is ready to be delivered to churches around the globe but also to private clients. A bell takes from 30 to 90 days to be built depending on size required.

Every single bell has a soul, a false bell, tons of clay and bricks, last but not least bronze and the final touch is the acoustic test. The modern bells have an electronic and automatic system sound, but there are still many bells that must be singed manually.


Luckily Italy still have local associations that travel around to ring the bells, I’ve always dreamed to ring one, who knows it will not happen, and I will be happy if you could join me in this adventure!


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