A very special 2022’s Italian Capital of Culture

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Italian capital of culture, Procida - Foto di Marina Corricella

A very special 2022’s Italian Capital of Culture

“Culture does not isolate”


These last years’ Italian Capitals of Culture may have been less fortunate than their predecessors, but not less beautiful and worthy. This year, for the first time, it’s not only a city, but an entire island, the little island of Procida in the gulf of Naples.


Procida, compared to its sister islands and as the smallest one, definitely remained authentic and untouched, firm on its traditions, the lives of the sailors and the Mediterranean culture. It is indeed a little intimate jewel of the Mediterranean sea. This is where culture thrives more than ever. “Culture does not isolate“: a metaphor for bringing people together, creating events and occasions to enjoy the hidden beauty of this island. We’ve been isolated for a long time: it’s time to gather again!


Its special characteristic made Procida a cinematographic set! The island was chosen for the famous movie “Il Postino” (the postman) which tells the story of a simple man meeting with the poet Pablo Neruda. Both the companies Apple and Microsoft chose this island to set their commercials. But it also inspired award winner stories such as Elsa Morante’s “Arturo’s Island” novel.


The gulf of Naples’ main characters are Ischia, Procida and Capri, each one with very peculiar characters. Ischia, the biggest one, opens its gates to many tourists every year thanks to its comfy beaches and hotels, thermal waters and its trails to enjoy walks in nature or in the old part of the towns. And then the most famous one, the little island of Capri. A big attraction for all the fashion and luxury lovers but also for whoever wants to enjoy a beautiful view on the gulf and visit the island’s little streets, villas and gardens.


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