The salame: a royal Italian food

Travel with taste: discover the secrets of the Italian gastronomy


One can’t visit Italy without tasting some salame: air-dried meat with fat, preserved with a special procedure that is salt-based (that’s why the name comes from the word “sale” (=salt). Anywhere in Italy you can taste local salame made with different meats and spices, depending on the tradition of the place. Italians love to eat salame: before a meal, as an entry, alone or with bread, or as a snack or as a packed lunch during daytrips in a tasty sandwich. We could say it’s an essential in the Italian diet.


Here, from North to South, our selection of traditional salami!


Salama da sugo di Ferrara

This is more than just a salame, this is a whole dish, and it’s one of the 17 wonders of the city of Ferrara, in the Emilia-Romagna region. This salame is made with different parts of pork meat, cooked with wine and spices like nutmeg and cloves. It’s then stuffed in the guts of the pork and when it’s served the meat is almost creamy and well blends with a side of mashed potatoes or polenta. This dish, once only destined for the rich, is talked about in many old documents dating back to 1400.


Ventricina di Vasto

The center regions of Italy often hide the best secrets. This salame, produced in the region of Abruzzo, is the richest salame of Italy, made with the noble cuts of the pork meat, and it’s one of the most awarded in the gastronomy field. Its specialty is the use of dried capsicum pepper as a spice, together with salt, pepper and fennel seeds. This gives the salame a bright red color. You can find it on aperitivo cutting boards, in thin slices with other salami and cheeses, but also in local dishes, cooked in different forms with pasta.


‘Nduja calabrese

The tip of the Italian boot shape is the region of Calabria, a blue hidden beauty in the south of Italy. But be careful: its salame with this funny name is spicy. Made by 30% of spicy chili pepper an 70% of the fat cuts of pork, this salame gets smoked and it presents itself as a spreadable cream. It’s perfect on a slice of toasted bread during aperitivo, but it’s also great to add a bit of it in the tomato sauce for the pasta.


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