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Ciclabile sui Navigli

New travel trends: bike tours

Italian new travel trends: follow us on the most amazing journey


We’ve been deepening our knowledge of our markets’ needs and demands, while checking out new trends in traveling and especially in traveling to Italy.

The tourism agenda is getting more and more complex, enchanting and avant-garde, and we want to keep us, and you, up to date: climate change and overtourism are changing routes towards alternative itineraries and activities. These are exciting news for every expert traveler!


By mixing the new trends with the increase of fuel prices, one thing comes up: bike tours! Visiting a place by bike is a special experience also for non sportive people. It allows to get into the little streets, visit more places in a shorter time and enjoy incredible views, while giving a new twist to transportation.



Rivers are big cities’ best friends: the majestic Tiber can’t be outdone! When in Rome, one can definitely walk around or hop on a turistic bus or book some vespas. But why not try to follow one of the protagonist of this city? The “lungotevere” gives a unique point of view on the city, connecting some of the main attractions, while enjoying the beautiful facades of the palaces and the elegant bridges.


Bike tours in the hectic Milan districts are a fun way to visit the city. And we also found a greener option! The Naviglio Pavese, the river that runs through and outside the city, it is indeed beautiful while strolling along the streets, stopping for an aperitivo or some shopping. But also makes a beautiful route in the gentle nature of the outskirts of Milan, and one can even get to the little town of Pavia. We recommend it!


When traveling to Italy, don’t settle for average. Look around the corner and find unexpected paths.

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