Trust the stars, come to Italy!

Every zodiac sign has a perfect destination!


We had fun asking our colleagues and learning about zodiac signs: here is what we think is the ideal Italian destination for each of them!


The fire signs of the fire signs: Sicily is the warmest, passionate island of Italy. Sea, food, culture and strong roots will fill an Aries’ burning heart.


“The sun, the sea, and the Ientu”. The south of Italy, Puglia, or often called Salento, is a land of treasures and hedonistic pleasures: what a Taurus desire!


Curious, never-still, eclectic. Florence is the epicenter of the Italian culture, both artistic and scientific. There are so many things to discover, Geminis won’t get bored!


As a sensible and moody person, the clear blue water of the island of Sardinia can be a safe space to feel all the feels and cry all the tears!


Proud, loyal and egocentric: the beautiful Venice is the perfect destination, and not only because lions are the symbol of Venice, but also for its exuberant beauty!


People who needs order, precision and clarity, must go north: the city of Bolzano is as nordic as one can get, one step away from beautiful mountains.


Rimini is a sea city that is a well-known mundane destination in Italy. But is also one of the main cities of one of the most welcoming regions, sociable, chill and fun!


We got you, Scorpios! You love dark secrets, crazy stories and strong romance. The city of Naples guards incredible traditions and esotericism!


Adventure lovers, sometimes elusive, fond of freedom: sea cities such as Genova, and the Cinque Terre, with high wild cliffs and treacherous paths, are ideal!


For someone so reflective and pragmatic, often very work-centered, we think the city of Turin is a perfect combination of seriousness and romanticism.


The city of Trieste is a land of border, wise and eager to change and be different. Just like an Aquarius, is often seen as an outcast: but it’s also so beautiful and lively!


Introverted, dreamy and poetic: the region of Abruzzo is not for everyone, but it’s definitely made for this kind of souls!


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