What’s your favorite work of art?

Let’s celebrate World Art Day!


There is so much beauty surrounding us and to look for when traveling in Italy, it’s almost overwhelming. But being open to splendor is the right way to enjoy art in all its facets.
To celebrate #WorldArtDay we asked our colleagues to share with us their favorite artworks around Italy and why it moves them.
Let’s see their responses!


The abduction of Proserpina, Bernini

Galleria Borghese, Roma

One of the most beautiful sculptures that perfectly encaptures movement, grace and humanity. Donatella’s favorite is the perfect example of a timeless piece of art that leaves us stunned for its creator’s mastery.









The Hug, Alfo Basaldella

Museo del Novecento

Contemporary art so interesting and fascinating! Our colleague Rosaria is a romantic and a dreamer! You can find this piece of art in one of the most fun museums in Milan!








Fake dome in St. Ignazio Church

The art of deceiving is a great mastery of the paint brush: in this chapel in Rome you may see a dome. But it’s not real, it’s a fresco by Andrea Pozzo (XVII century). Together with the perspectives of the frescoes in the central nave it is indeed mesmerizing, says Giuseppe!






The calling of St. Matthew, Caravaggio

art dayArt can’t be mentioned without his name. “Caravaggio’s pictorial cycle dedicated to San Matteo, located in San Luigi dei Francesi church in Rome, it’s my favorite” says Mariapia. “The study of light and its use to emphasize key elements of the scene and expressions of the protagonists portrayed is impressive.”







The Kiss, Francesco Hayez

Pinacoteca di Brera

We have another romantic here! One can’t not feel a bit of butterflies when looking at this fleeting moment between two lovers. Gaia also loves the light blue dress and how the texture is perfectly encaptured. You can find it in Milan.








Narciso, Jago

art jago
Museo Jago

Art is conceptual and moving. The artist Jago debuted this new sculpture last December in Naples. Despite illustrating a well-known figure, the one of the boy Narcissus, the interpretations could be many and different. Every eyes and every heart feel different when they meet a work of art: Francesca says that it drives her crazy!







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