International Tourism Day

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Roman tourist

International Tourism Day

 Tourism Day was established by The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to promote sustainable, responsible, and universally accessible tourism.


Today is the international day of tourism. Tourism benefits both the tourist and the locations that they visit, and is one of the major drivers of economic growth, especially in a country like Italy.

As it got easier and easier to travel, it clearly became a problem for famous cities and worldwide-known destinations: any place packed with people makes an awful experience for locals, tourists and for the environment as well.


Our mission rises from this growing problem: Italy is beautiful from head to toe, unexplored corners have been forgotten by most itineraries. We enjoy to present a different kind of destination, to provide a better and authentic experience of italianity, the essence of this country and its folks.


We know Italy like our pockets and we love to share useful content and ideas for who is traveling here, as this give us the chance to show you our idea of traveling and experiencing Italy.


Fighting the overtourism goes along with creativity, innovation and culture: there is no loss and no head-back. Follow us into this journey 🙂 Subscribe to the newsletter and contact us to plan your next visit!