Why is the Italian East coast special?

The region of Abruzzo is a land of mountains, sea, shepherds and fishers. It does not fall short on beautiful sceneries and panoramas! But there is one thing especially that makes this region truly unforgettable.
The Trabocchi’s coastline


The origin of these weird fishing-machines is uncertain, but one thing we know for sure is that they were built
by farmers who didn’t really know much about the sea. But this exchange between these 2 activities created an interesting enogastronomic outcome, resulted in special dishes with fish and local vegetables.
The Trabocchi were then abandoned due to the difficulty of their maintenance. But it is indeed incredible how so many of them resisted the wildness of the sea and the weather.


Lucky for us, some of the 24 trabocchi, recently became great restaurants and fascinating event locations.
It feels special to dine and stand right on the sea, to smell it and enjoy the view of it and of the coast from such locations. The Trabocchi make this coast truly special.


To have a panoramic view on the coast, these are the best spots: from the beautiful basilica of San Giovanni in Venere, from the hill of the nature reserve of Punta Aderci, and last but not least, from the Eremo Dannunziano. 


“The wood exposed for years and years to the sun, to the rain,  to the gust, showed all the fibers, it put out all its harshness and all its knots, revealed all the resistant peculiarities of its structure, (…) The Trabocco acquired a special character and meaning, a distinct imprint like the one of a person over whom the old age and the suffering had done their cruel work.”

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