“Heaven is a place in Italy”

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Isole Tremiti

“Heaven is a place in Italy”

The song “Heaven is a place on Earth” was definitely inspired by this place in Italy: the Tremiti Islands.


Heaven requires beauty, peace and no big crowds of unwanted tourists. These islands in the Adriatic sea make the perfect escape  for whoever wants to disconnect from the chaos of the cities: there are less than 500 inhabitants here!


Part of the Gargano Natural Park, these 5 islands can boast beautiful beaches and scenic scapes on their natural landscapes. San Domino is the biggest island of the arcipelagus and the most beautiful, also thanks to the mystic “Bue Marino” (literally “marine ox”) cave. San Nicola on the other hand is an “open air museum” by treasuring monumets such as fortifications, walls, churches and abbeys, all testimony of the intricate history of these territories.


The legend goes back to Homerus and one of this many heores, Diomede, who traveled her to escape from his wife and her lover, and married the local princess. To protect the borders of his new reign, he threw rocks into the sea, and that is how 3 islands were created. All the seagulls that you will see nesting on the unhabited island of Caprara actually are Diomede’s travel companions, doomed to cry on his grave forever after a war with the goddess Aphrodites.


Bring your event to Puglia and visit the Tremiti Islands for an unforgettable trip!

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