“The lights of the Artists”

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Luminarie in Italia

“The lights of the Artists”

The first representation of “The lights of the Artists” was held in 1998 in Torino.

This city, joined by others afterwards, during the Christmas period gets dressed with the most incredible illuminations, designed and created by contemporary artists.


In Torino many important artists exposed their work through the years, and it became a reference point for contemporary art and for tourists from all over the world.

Since 2006 the city of Salerno, not far from Naples, joined this artistic intiative. One of the most famous edition was the “Fairy garden” theme, with witches and unicorns.

The city of Pescara, in Abruzzo, since 2016 sanctioned a real twinning cooperation, as these three cities have been often exchanging their exhibitions through the years.


The legend goes back to Homerus and one of this many heores, Diomede, who traveled her to escape from his wife and her lover, and married the local princess. To protect the borders of his new reign, he threw rocks into the sea, and that is how 3 islands were created. All the seagulls that you will see nesting on the unhabited island of Caprara actually are Diomede’s travel companions, doomed to cry on his grave forever after a war with the goddess Aphrodites.


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